There’s no denying that choosing a good place to save your money has become something of a guessing game. With unpredictable interest rates, ‘bonuses’ for switching accounts and tax relief available at every turn, it’s no wonder that so many individuals don’t bother moving their savings at all!

This 30 minute session will attempt to clear the fog around savings products. From bank accounts to ISAs, investment bonds to the stock market, pension schemes to Unilever share plans, we will look at the different effects of tax on your savings, and how the tax man can sometimes give you a boost.

We won’t give you financial or tax advice but we will focus on:

• Tax relief available on the money you save;

• How to calculate your ‘net’ (after tax) savings position;

• Some savings offers that might not be as lucrative as they seem!

We will also touch on government bonuses you might be able to get your hands on, and how to devise an overall savings strategy.

These webinars will take place in August 2021 and are available to book now!

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