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Will you be retiring in the not too distant future? Are you starting to think about how to prepare for stopping work in a few years’ time? This interactive, hour long session is open to those who are beginning to think about their retirement plans, perhaps up to 10 years away. We’ll look at the steps you can take to understand what retiring means nowadays. We’ll show you how to compare what you need to retire with what you’re building up, and how you can take action now to improve your financial outcome.

Although this won’t be a personalised session, you will get more out of it if you have your latest Annual Benefit Statement from the Unilever UK Pension Fund to hand (although it isn’t critical that you do).

Being prepared never hurts and, in the world of pensions, can make the run up to stopping work that bit easier. This interactive hour long webinar is aimed at anyone within 10 or so years of retirement. It will help you to think about:

  • your retirement options;
  • what your retirement might look like;
  • what financial support you might need in retirement; and
  • what retirement income you have already built up and how to close the gap (if you have one).

You will leave the webinar knowing what action you need to take to help turn your hopes for retirement into reality.


We are not Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) and nothing on this website should be construed as independent financial advice. If you feel you would benefit from speaking to an IFA about your personal circumstances, you can find out more information here