Unilever understand that it can be hard to make decisions about where to invest your money and chose the right savings vehicle. Because of this they’ve put in place uSave which is a convenient way to save for the short or longer term by making savings directly from your salary. USave provides you with easy access to Cash ISAs, Stocks and Shares ISAs and General Investment Accounts.

These are all products that you could access directly by doing your own research (and you may still prefer this approach) but Unilever have chosen ‘My Money’ operated by Aviva as a provider of these savings vehicles, making it easier for you to invest without needing to do your own research or set up direct debits. USave could be seen as way for you to become more comfortable with some of the savings options provided with a bit less upfront hassle. We are unable to comment on ‘My Money’ but we understand that Unilever have researched the market and used its bargaining position before deciding to offer it to staff.

For more details on the products available or for information on how to join you should visit the Aviva website.