If you joined Unilever after 30th September 2021 you will be offered membership of the Retirement Savings Plan (RSP). This learning pathway provides further information on the RSP


You have a number of choices about the way in which you build up benefits in Unilever, which are set out below. You can review and revise your choices each year.

Your benefits envelope

Investment choices in the Retirement Savings Plan

This video explains the different fund choices available in the Retirement Savings Plan and considers some key considerations for each of these available funds:

  • The fund objectives
  • The management style (active or passive)
  • Risk rating and your attitude to risk
  • Asset classes
  • Management charges

Additional options available to members of the Retirement Savings Plan

As a Unilever employee and member of the Retirement Savings Plan you also have the option to buy additional life cover and buy an ill-health benefit.

The standard level of life cover provided by Unilever if you die whilst employed by Unilever is a cash sum of 4 times your pensionable earnings at the date you die. You currently have the option to pay more for extra life cover of up to a total of 8 times your pensionable earnings.

You also have the option to buy an "serious ill-health benefit". This pays a lump sum to your Retirement Savings Plan if you have to leave Unilever due to serious ill-health.

The video below explains how these options work.


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