1. Introduction to savings - this video gives an introduction to our Smart Savings workshop. We introduce a useful rule of thumb breaking down how we use our money.

2. Saving and inflation - this video explains what inflation is and how much we need to worry about it when we are saving for our future.

3. Saving ingredients and bags - here we start to look at the different types of assets that we can use to save and where we might hold these assets.

4. Getting comfortable with savings ingredients - here we look at how you choose where to save your money and how the different options perform in comparison to inflation. We then look at how comfortable people tend to be when investing in the various different asset classes.

5. Shares (Part 1) - this video looks at how shares work and how we can use them to save. We look at the difficulties and risks involved in share investment and how they have performed historically. Here we introduce some golden rules for share investment.

6. Shares (Part 2) - this video builds on the previous video and shows what may have happened if we had invested in shares in the past. We reinforce the four golden rules to share investment and recap the risks and rewards of share investment.

7. Property - this video looks at the features of buy to let and alternative ways to invest in property. We highlight the risks involved in property investment and some tips on how these risks can be reduced.

8. Bonds (Part 1) - here we look at what a bond is and the features and risks of bond investment.

9. Bonds (Part 2) - this video looks at how to overcome the risks and difficulties involved with bond investment and we take a look at the historical returns achieved on bonds.

10. How have the ingredients performed? - this provides a recap of the different savings options and how each of these have performed over time.

11. Investing Plan - this video covers the features of the Investing Plan and explains how this can help you invest in some of the assets we have discussed. We look at the different options available to you within the Investing Plan and how these will mean your money is invested.

12. Savings summary - this video provides a reminder of the things we need to consider when saving including the timescale, inflation and the risks involved. We also recap on the actions we can take to help reduce some of the risks.