Pension Choices – part 1 – Intro: In this video we introduce the presentation and explain what will be covered.

Pension Choices – part 2 – Scheme Background: In this video we have give some brief background about the different sections of the Unilever Pension Fund, to help put your decision making into context.

Pension Choices – part 3 – Your Choices: In this very short video, we introduce the choices you can make about your pension savings.

Pension Choices – part 4 – Choice 1: Paying Extra Voluntary Contributions: In this video, we review the option of paying extra contributions into the Investing Plan section of the Scheme, and how you can check what you have signed up to in the past.

Pension Choices – part 5 – Choice 2: Extra Life Cover: In this video, we review the option of paying for extra life cover to be paid from the Scheme in the event that you pass away whilst building up benefits.

Pension Choices – part 6 – Choice 3: Additional Inflation Protection: In this video, we review the option of paying for additional inflation protection for your Career Average benefits.

Pension Choices – part 7 – Choice 4: Unilever 12.5% contribution: In this video, we review the Unilever 12.5% option for those earning over £60,500 (FTE), and how this can be taken either in salary or in contributions to the Investing Plan.

Pension Choices – part 8 – key dates and extra info: In this video, we provide some key dates and where you can go for further information.