In this series of 5 bite-sized videos we will help you to understand the potential bonuses and tax top ups that are available to boost your savings, whether it’s for your first home, saving for retirement, in shares or ISAs. We'll discuss why it’s so important to understand how tax works - when you'll pay it and how much. We will also cover some other aspects of tax relief for other key scenarios - when you inherit or pass money onto dependants yourself. We won’t give you financial or tax advice, but we will focus on:

  • How to calculate your ‘net’ (after tax) savings position.
  • The different times tax might be payable.
  • The bonuses and tax top ups available from different saving options.
  • Comparing different ways of saving including the bonus.
  • Other considerations apart from tax.

At the end of these videos, we hope you will feel better able to make confident decisions about your future savings strategy and have greater peace of mind that your savings are working as hard as possible.

Tax Efficient Savings - Learning pathway videos


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