Do you need help with understanding the benefits that Unilever provide on your death or disability? Do you want to understand the various types of financial protection products that are out there? This Learning Pathway will help to explain the various financial protection benefits that are available to you and your family.

Do you worry about whether you would be able to cope financially if you were unable to work due to ill health or disability? Are you concerned that your loved ones might not have enough money to live on if you had to stop work or if you were to pass away? These are sensitive topics which can be difficult to talk about but which are important to understand.

The videos in this learning pathway cover:

  • The types of financial protection that you may need
  • The financial protection benefits offered to you by Unilever
  • The different types of financial protection benefits that you might see in the market
  • How underwriting can affect the price you pay for the financial protection product
  • Some top tips on looking for a financial protection product
  • The pitfalls of "over-insuring"

Protecting your financial world - the videos

This series of six videos covers the financial protection benefits that Unilever provides and also explains some other forms of financial protection that you can buy.


Download our handout containing key summary information from the webinar here.


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