In this learning pathway we look at different types of financial support that are available. Financial support is not only for times of distress. Did you know that you can benefit from financial support when you:

  • Work for an employer in the grocery sector, like Unilever?
  • Save for a deposit on your first home, or retirement, or when you save in certain types of share schemes?
  • When you spend online?
  • When you (or your children) are in higher education?
  • When you get behind in your utilities bills?

Of course, there could be times when we might face financial difficulty and distress, and we also cover the steps you can take to protect yourself from this position. We want everyone to know that there is support available when financial distress arises, no matter what the cause – whether it’s you or a family member or friend. In this session we discuss how to navigate the many different sources of financial support available for these situations.

After watching this series of four videos you will feel confident about what to do if you (or someone close to you) finds themselves in financial distress, as well as finding out about top tips for financial support available to everyone whether its for saving, spending, working and more.

A spotlight on financial support - videos and handout

This series of four bite-sized videos highlights some of the financial support that is available to you.


We are not Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) and nothing on this website should be construed as independent financial advice. If you feel you would benefit from speaking to an IFA about your personal circumstances, you can find more information here.