It’s difficult to know whether you are saving enough to be able to stop working one day....How much is enough? How much are you building up? What if you have a gap? Working through this section should help you to understand and answer these questions, and what you can do next.

Work through the following Learning Pathway steps to get a better understanding of whether you are Saving Enough to Stop Work.

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How much do you need to afford to stop work?

What are you saving towards your retirement?

What you need vs what you are building up

How long will you spend in retirement?

You can get an idea of how your savings might help you in retirement by working out your total savings and dividing this by how long you think you might live in retirement. This will give you an idea of the amount you could take out of your savings each year to add to your other income.

It’s impossible to know how long you will be retired, but assuming somewhere between 20 and 25 years will give you an idea (if you are retiring early then something longer than this would be sensible). Remember this is intended to give you a very rough idea of how your savings could help you.

To see how long you might expect to live, you can use our 'Life Expectancy' modeller which can be found here.


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